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AED Plus defibrillator.

This product is an up-to-date device for life-saving in public areas, workplaces and private homes. It is also recommended for social responsibility or donation. It is a device developed primarily for out-of-hospital cases and intended for lay use.

Why is it necessary to install such devices? The sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) - is a leading cause of death throughout the world. We can save a life until the ambulance's arrival, if an automatic external defibrillator (AED) is near at hand, which is usable by anybody, after a short training, without any special qualification.The AED Plus® device of the worldwide company ZOLL is not only able to give an electric shock (if it is necessary at all since in half of the cases it is not even recommended), but it leads through the whole resuscitation process. It has a unique graphic interface: a combination of indicator lights, illustrations, texts, voice commands and feedbacks helps every movement of the rescuer. It works with one single integrated pair of electrodes. This product is the only AED, which monitors and helps to create suitable chest compression. Therefore, the rescuer obtains continuous feedback and support. This is called Real CPR Help®) technology.

The device is operated with commercially available lithium batteries. It offers additional advantages, such as the lowest cost of maintenance in this product category, full compatibility with the international professional guidelines and standards, free software upgrade, high-grade qualification in the protection against dust and water, etc.

A group training is provided on the use of the device and the basic life support (BLS).

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